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Thread: 99 reflex save?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic-council View Post
    Something is fishy about that ranger... He made the swimming part so, it's cool. But, did he really saw 99 on his character stat sheet?. Again, he said "gear farming", you can't achieve that number with gear only. Is 18ranger/fighter/rouge a dps build?
    My ranger doesn't have a 99 reflex save; he has a 51 reflex save. The guy who said his reflex save was 99 was a rogue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seikojin View Post
    You know, there are defensive roll builds that aim for that as their damage mitigation.
    Sure do. Twisting in +6 Reflex gives you +6% chance of taking 1/2 damage when below 50% health. This is a maximum of 3% less damage taken (assuming you spend ALL of your time below 50% health). I am sure people twist in +6 Reflex for defensive roll, but there are probably better ways to reduce damage taken, and more effective twist choices for rogues (say increasing all saves and fortification through Brace for Impact).

    Good diplacement/blur/dodge/PRR/incorporeal along with tactics (not running into a room first, gaining all agro, and losing SA damage) will keep you from running around with less than 50% hp most of the time.
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