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    Default Most Populated/Active Server?

    I just wanted to know which servers are the most populated or most active with good players, guilds, and active lfms. Thanks!

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    Ghallanda. Thelanis is second.

    This is not 100% accurate though, the most populated server will fluctuate depending on the default log-in server. Cannith was until recently the most populated server according to non-official sources even though it wasn't even close to Ghallanda before that.

    So, for a long-term deal, pick Ghallanda. It's also very newbie friendly, way more than Thelanis.

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    It depends on the default server. Right now it is Orien I believe. Cannith still has a healthy population, but is slowly declining since it's turn as default.
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    Most active is not always the best - Having a lot of LFM's is good, but if you are interested in DDO for the long term, I'd check out Thelanis - lots of vets, stable guilds, intelligent new player friendly

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    Ghallanda was the default server for about a year and as it was a moderately high pop server even before that it's remained in second place even after Cannith became the default {ahead of Khyber and Thelanis which were both quite a way ahead of G-Land before it became the Default!}.

    Cannith was a low pop server before it became the default and will probably deteriorate back to a mid pop server.

    Orien got the default recently then for some reason it switched back to Cannith - I believe Orien's got it back now BUT Orien is a very low pop server {only Wayfinder is lower} and even with the Default I doubt it will hit the heights that Cannith has never mind G-Land when it had the Default!}.

    The big 4 at the moment are Ghallanda, Cannith, Thelanis and Khyber.

    Moderate are Argonnessen and Sarlona

    Low is Orien - May hit moderate with the Default.

    Super Low is Wayfinder!

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    I wouldn't even say it is about any of those properties. It is about your time of play. I would do some who searches in the social panel to get a count of how many people are on when you are on. I have seen a pretty equal number of friendly and unfriendly people on every server (save wayfinder, very quiet there during my -8gmt playtimes), so doing some exploration is best.

    Hopefully they default wayfinder sometime. This way at least that server can get some new players who will do the proper thing; build a thriving community on that server.

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    Try Argonesson if you wish to have a more experienced environment. Bunch of hard-knocks, though, if you're not careful. If you want something done and fast, though, Argo's the way to go. Probably one of the more active servers as far as veterans of the game goes. It's very channel-based, so don't base your opinion of activity on LFM's. Make friends and they'll invite you to channels, that's where the vast majority of the action happens. Connections with good people is necessary on Argo.

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