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    Default monk dreadnaught question

    is lay waste one of the abilities in dreadnaught that doesnt work with unarmed?
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    is lay waste one of the abilities in dreadnaught that doesnt work with unarmed?
    Many of the LD abilities don't work with unarmed attacks. I don't recall that Lay Waste worked with my tanker, for what it's worth.

    Master's Blitz, in contrast, works quite well with unarmed fighting, although how you charge it depends on how you add in the granted tactical attacks to charge it up.
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    Lay waste is working for an unarmed Monk! The only ugly Thing is the 60 sec. cooldown timer

    Only momentum swing, that doesn´t work unarmed, could reset the timer and make lay waste really useful for an unarmed Monk.
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    It's wonderful to see how they don't want to step on ranged characters for LD and remove the obviously unintended and bugged blitz bonus for their attacks, but the monks they are completely content to remove all benefits for unarmed combat from nearly every melee destiny. Not trying to restrict gameplay styles my ass.

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