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I think he's referring to the ones who ACTUALLY exploit, not the ones who find one and report it and don't do it again.

Y'know, the dupers. The guys who make scads of scales and shards and items and then sell them to get rich quick. The ones who cause the devs to implement such quality of life deprovements as not being able to put bags in guild chests (hurts my guildies trying to pass me essences at their *and* my convenience), not being able to open two of bags, bank, AH, guild chest, and mailbox at once (which reportedly doesn't even help the problem). The ones who cause the devs to *need* to devote time and resources to fixing them, rather than fixing actual gameplay bugs.

In other news, speaking of quality of life...

OMG TY DEVS FOR FIXING THE FATESINGER/INSPIRE COURAGE BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't fathom why you didn't mention that in the release notes, but it's AWESOME and you should put it in the release notes because it's an actual bug fix that also improves QoL!

i wasn't talking about the ones who report, i'd never be as jealous to ruin the game for anyone (their duping doesn't afect me, me thinks). I was saying the exploiters who make a exploit known, sooner or later the devs hear about it and...they fix or try to fix it (i hope they try when they can't, at least.)