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    Default The Way of the Stun

    12 Monk / 4 Fighter / 4 Paladin Lawful Good, Bladeforged, Stunning Melee (Shintao), Legendary Dreadnaught

    Current Past Lives:
    Monk x3 - Fighter x3 - Barbarian x3 - Artificer x3 - Favored Soul x3 - Paladin x2 - Bard x2 - Cleric x2 - Rogue x2 - Druid x1 - Sorcerer x1 - Wizard x1 - Ranger x1

    Current Epic Past Lives:
    Colors of the Queen x3 - Doubleshot x3 - Doublestrike x3 - Enchant Weapon x3 - Brace x3 - Power Over Life and Death x1

    +5 on all ability stats - +4 on all skills (+2 on UMD)

    Base - WF: Bludgeoning(1), Cleave(3), Great Cleave(6), Completionist(9), Quicken(12), Improved Two-Weapon Fighting(15), Grandmaster of Forms(18), Improved Martial Arts(21), Epic Toughness(24), Vorpal Strikes(27)

    Monk Class - Power Attack(2), Stunning Fist(6), Fists of Light(8), Toughness(11)

    Fighter Class - Two-Weapon Fighting(7), IC: Bludgeoning(18),Greater Two-Weapon Fighting(20)

    Epic Destiny - Tactician(26), Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting(28)

    Base Stats:
    Strength - 14, Dexterity - 13, Constitution - 16, Intelligence - 8, Wisdom - 14, Charisma - 14 (All Level ups into Wisdom)

    Leveling Order:
    Level 1) Paladin - WF: Bludgeoning
    Level 2) Monk - Power Attack
    Level 3) Paladin - Cleave
    Level 4) Paladin (Ability: Wisdom)
    Level 5) Paladin
    Level 6) Monk - Great Cleave, Stunning Fist
    Level 7) Fighter - Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 8) Monk - Fists of Light (Ability: Wisdom)
    Level 9) Monk - Completionist
    Level 10) Monk
    Level 11) Monk - Toughness
    Level 12) Monk - Quicken (Ability: Wisdom)
    Level 13) Monk
    Level 14) Monk
    Level 15) Monk - Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 16) Monk (Ability: Wisdom)
    Level 17) Monk
    Level 18) Fighter - Grandmaster of Forms, Improved Critical: Bludgeoning
    Level 19) Fighter
    Level 20) Fighter - Greater Two Weapon Fighting
    Level 21) Epic - Improved Martial Arts
    Level 22) Epic
    Level 23) Epic
    Level 24) Epic - Epic Toughness (Ability: Wisdom)
    Level 25) Epic
    Level 26) Epic - Tactician
    Level 27) Epic - Vorpal Strikes
    Level 28) Epic - Perfect Two Weapon Fighting (Ability: Wisdom)

    Skill Points:
    Repair 23 Ranks - Concentration 19 Ranks - UMD 11 Ranks - Tumble 1 Rank


    Epic Destiny:

    Twists of Fate:
    Sense Weakness - Primal Scream - A Dance of Flowers - Impregnable Mind

    Helm: Dragon Masque (Insightful Constitution +2, Charisma 8)
    Goggles: Shadowsight (EE) (Insightful Wisdom +2)
    Armor: Shadowscale Docent (Good Luck 2, Power 250)
    Bracers: Dumathoin's Bracers (Resistance 8)
    Boots: Orcish Privateer's Boots (Globe of True Imperial Blood)
    Ring 1: Seal of House Dun Robar - Stunning 10
    Ring 2: Not Decided Yet
    Gloves: Health 10 of Seeker 10
    Belt: Arkat's Cord (Insightful Charisma +2, Blindness Immunity)
    Cloak: Adamantine Cloak of the Bear
    Trinket: Litany of the Dead
    Necklace: Jorgundal's Collar (Insightful Dexterity +2, False Life 40)
    Weapon: Complete Thunder-Forged Handwraps - Touch of Flames, Dragon's Edge, Mortal Fear (Reconstruction 138, Repair 15, Ruby of Endless Night)
    Secondary (Ranged): Thunder-Forged Shuriken
    Quiver: Quiver of Poison (EE)

    Editor's Note
    Very Proud of this build so far, Ability to solo most if not any quest on Epic Elite, 70 Kukan-Do DC and a 78 Stunning Fist DC (In Mountain Stance).
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    Looks fun. Why not drop WF: Bludgeon and shuffle things around to get to GTWF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddorimble View Post
    Looks fun. Why not drop WF: Bludgeon and shuffle things around to get to GTWF?
    I agree. Take toughness at level one and shuffle stuff around to make sure to fit gtwf in. Other than that looks solid.
    If you're having fun, then you're doing it right.

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    I dropped 10k Stars as it is practically useless to me IMO. I only use ranged to pull agro or something, it was just there as a decent filler. Put Improved TWF where 10k was and put greater TWF where improved TWF was.
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