hi all,

the spell storm of vengeance states:
Conjures a storm with a massive thunderclap, deafening enemies, dousing them in acid rain, and lancing them with lightning bolts. Enemies within the cloud when it is first conjured are deafened for 3 seconds per caster level. Enemies within the storm take 8d6 acid damage for every two seconds. Every 4 seconds, a random enemy within the storm takes 10d10 electricity damage (a successful reflex save halves). The storm lasts for 3 seconds per caster level.

now my question is can the damage from acid and lightning be highered by the amount
of spell power and the crit chance you have?.

also the spell itself is conjuration, so if i up my conjuration dc what effect will this have
on said spell?.

my last druid life i just used the spell as is but if the above does work, spell power wise
then it could have a effect on how i gear my next druid. i should of tested myself but
i didnt think too oops my bad. heres hoping someone has tested the above.....

your friend sil