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    Default Ki Strike: Magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatraz View Post
    The description of the ability has it working for only unarmed attacks. However with the ninja spy basic training ability which makes shortswords centered it seems to be adding the Magic Damage type to my shortswords. Since I use Celestia this is a big problem as it changes the damage type to Light, Magic. I'm fairly sure this is a recent change as in the weapon box it used to just say Light for the Damage type. Even thou the Damage type is Light and Magic it is treated as just magic for the purposes of breaking mob DR, thus all mobs with any type of DR use it against Celestia, I've seen it with Bludgeoning, Silver, etc. This change kind of nullifies one of the main advantages of this weapon.

    Has anyone else noticed this effect on other centered weapons? I'm guess it affects all.

    I'm aware of the issues that Celestia has had when it first came out for similar reasons you needed. In that case, adding a red augment gem would change the weapon's characteristics and thus, reduce it's effectiveness.

    That said, while a Monk often can apply innate training to wield or use weapons by being centered and using ki, your issue is a tough one. The Ki Strike: Magic should only apply to unarmed attacks, so if it were not applying to a wielded Celestia, there's no problem.

    But Celestia's been a PITA for developers because of its unique nature. Many, many classes gain innate skills that often follow a wielded weapon.

    I don't have an answer here but I believe your observations. I'm concerned how such a problem can be fixed without breaking Ninja Spy enhancements.

    EDIT: I see you deleted your original post; but I'll just let this stand and check for myself with a ninja I have, just to be sure.
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    He had enchant past life turned on,
    then someone told him that.
    He turned off and came to delete initial post.

    But proof its ok:

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