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    Default Simplify Cannith Crafting

    While I know to some Cannith Crafting is antiquated and best left forgotten, but I think the current iteration of the system is more confusing than it needs to be, particularly for newer players. There is a small tutorial, but it's still more difficult to navigate than probably necessary.

    I am assuming that a complete revamp of the crafting system is out of the question, so I have two short suggestions. The first would be to combine all of the crafting machines (bound shard, deconstruction, etc...) into one. Then have a selector within this one machine for item deconstruction, shard creation/item creation. This will help reduce confusion within the crafting hall as even as someone who has used the system a lot, I still need to sometimes get my bearings within the crafting hall as each of the stations looks identical.

    Second, make it say directly on the shard what item slots that shard can be placed in, preferably during shard creation and after the shard is actually made. Unless there is another way that I don't know about, I have to run over to item creation machine, search for the shard in question and then hover over the weapon icon to see which slots the shard will actually fit in. Then I have to run back to the other machine to make the shard. Granted if my first suggestion is taken, that would eliminate the need for the running, but it should be easier to view which slots a shard can go during the creation process without having to check the final item.

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    I love the crafting--it is not antiquated; just not used in epics.
    I agree that it is unnecessarily confusing--your ideas are good, and certainly labeling shards where they go would help (or color code them if text is an issue).

    I use an app on my iphone and swear by it. Can't craft without it.

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    The entire Cannith Crafting system has been in need of massive overhaul for quite some time I just wish the devs would spend on something that the players actually want.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoner81 View Post
    The entire Cannith Crafting system has been in need of massive overhaul for quite some time I just wish the devs would spend on something that the players actually want.

    I agree, it really needs to be updated. it needs to be epic'd

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    This has been an outstanding issue for some time. I support any improvements to the system including obviously:
    [1] Simpllification and ease of use as per the OP
    [2] Addition of missing abilities like Paralysing and Disruption.
    [3] Inclusion of all abilities to Unbound shards not only the lesser powerful ones.
    [4] The creation of level 21+ Gear
    and I know I'm dreaming here...
    [5] The ability to craft our own augments

    Althought right now I'd like to have the display bug with the invisible ingredients in the barter windows fixed.
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