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    Default Lesser reincarnation +5 not showing previous class

    So my character was an iconic purple dragon knight - fighter4/druid8/monk3.

    Made a mistake in character creation, but already burned a few tomes so I wanted to keep it but lose the fighter levels.
    Lesser +5 was used, and now it is not telling me what class I took previously. I created a ticket explaining the problem, but the GM just essentially said "Yes it does" and closed it.

    This is what the window says:

    'What kinds of choices?'

    I trained with melee weapons.
    I trained as a spellcaster.
    I trained as a specialist.
    Close Window.

    The usual line that tells me what class I took previously is absolutely NOT there. It is bugged. Any hope of getting help with this, or am I basically screwed out of a lesser reincarnate +5?


    Well, I figured it out for myself.

    When lesser reincarnating Druid class levels are NOT shown (it did show monk and fighter).
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