Heh grinds favor for Turbine Points in anticipation of the Summer Sails and wanting/waiting for a very particular item and pulls up short!

*Seriously THANK YOU!

I spent real money on the adventure pack sale and my third account now has all the packs. I can now have 3 guests at my home playing DDO with access to all the content. No more having to run particular quests, because we didn't have the same packs. I got about 4 players in my group (1 slacker). I hope you have this sale again in the future, or do another special on CyberMonday.

I bought other stuff that wasn't on sale. There should be a surgeon general's warning. We all got cosmetic hats


**Super TYVM for the Haunted Halls 25% off coupon!!! More people to play with! After all it's my fav \m/