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    Default Stuck at Cleaning up old Connection Screen

    I was playing about about an hour ago and the game crashed as I was trying to switch characters. I think there was a lot of lag at that point. Now my game gets stuck on the Cleaning up old connection screen. I hope this resolves soon.

    I have tried restarting the client and my computer.

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    Default I hope

    I hope you are in now. If nothing has changed in your system, then the trouble is DDO. The servers have had terrible connection issues of late. Disconnects happen to people in party continuously. Keep trying and best wishes
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    Thank you for the reply.

    Well, I did get back in!

    I left it for about 25 minutes in the hope that the server, Orien would realise I wasn't already in. I think that perhaps continued log in attempts may have confused the server into thinking I was already there and it seemed to keep on resetting the timer for when it logs you out due to inactivity. I would not know for sure, but based on my experience this is a plausible conclusion.

    All is well for me now at least.

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