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    Quote Originally Posted by Bargol View Post
    10. Why not? Many use Lamania just for this instead of actually previewing the new stuff. Why not have this on live. You bring nothing in and take nothing out. Just a place to test gear setups. Otherwise keep lamania up all the time.
    The best description I can come up with for this is exploit hell.

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    #8 is a fantastic idea.
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    1) Don't think that raid items in the Store would be good. No reason anymore to play.

    2) Why the extra step? Many of the items you get for trading are already in the store, why not just put the items in, instead? Lots of extra work to create an item with one season of usefullness; might as well make more money off it. Same with preorder bonus items, after six months or a year, put them in the store!

    3) I could get behind this. Or at least make an item BtA, BtCoE. So you could pass it to another char, but then it would stick on them when they equip it.

    4) If they were going to raise the plat cap, it shouldn't require paying a fee. Just do it for everyone.

    5-6) No opinion.

    7) This should also be an option, without paying.

    8) Not a fan.

    9) I just see it as an account-wide griefing tool.

    10) Don't see the need. Lots of coding involved for little to no gain.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing something like a yellow dopant for Thunderforged weapons that let you break down your weapon for a partial return of ingredients. It can drop in the raids and sell in the DDO store.

    With the change to bard and upcoming melee changes it makes me want to try a new build, but I feel very constrained by my Thunderforged weapons which took numerous raids to make.

    Divine Grace will be nerfed. People are trying hard to nerf Shiradi.... With the game changing it would be great to have some ability to change out our weapons for partial return of ingredients.
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    You know what I would pay money for?

    Not to have to listen to the Stormreaver whine.

    I didn't care until GH was redone and epified, but anymore, I can't stand to listen to him.

    Oh, and before anyone else says anything, my settings are fine. His voice is just markedly loader than pretty much any other narrative/DM voiceover.
    Quote Originally Posted by MalkavianX View Post
    and then dropped it like a burning kitten

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