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    Smile Looking for leveling guild

    Hi, I have been off and on of DDO since release. I still haven't made it very high. I have a collection of characters, the highest being 16 but most in the level 10-13 range. I don't claim to be an expert by any stretch, I haven't min/maxed the heck out of my characters. But off all the MMOs I have played, I keep coming back and I enjoy the feel of DDO the most.

    I am recently returned and I'm looking for a guild to hang out with. And a few helpful folks to guide me through the changes that have happened in my absence and maybe point me in the right direction to advance. I would like to advance into epic levels and content.

    A RP guild probably wouldn't fit. I don't mind zergs as long as there is some understanding that I am for the most part new and have forgotten most of what little I did know of the game and there is going to be a learning curve.

    I am currently enjoying leveling a level 13 artificer named Calywen. My game time is usually 7-11pm Central time weekdays and just about anytime on the weekends.

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    If you are looking for a small and somewhat static group you are welcome to join the Silent Blades of Stormreach. Our core group is currently around level 20 but we will be looking to TR soon. We haven't played Epic much but we'll probably be doing that next life as all of us will finally have access to a decent amount of Epic content. Our typical playtime is 9pm-1am central time. Just send a tell or message to Keldoram or Vesba.

    If you are looking for general help with just about anything there is a great help chat channel on Sarlona. Just type in /joinchannel help.

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    Send Tenzing a pm in game, and we will welcome you to Clan McCloud- there's usually at least one of us TRing, and we often run epic content.

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    I belong to a guild called The Wulfepack. We are a medium sized guild of friendly and helpful folks. We have some who have been playing since the game was first released and some new players. Many of us have multiple characters spread over the entire range from low level to the level cap. If you want to learn a little about us, feel free to visit our website at If you want more information you can give me, augon, or our Guild Leader, blime, an ingame tell.

    also I would like to add that the suggestion to join the help channel is a great one. Some of the nicest most knowledgeable (as well as some of the funniest) folks frequent that channel. No matter what guild you are in, join that channel!

    Good luck finding a home!


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    I am also looking for a guild after a long break from my most beloved MMO. Their seems to be a lot of new content too. My main in game is Rium. See everyone in game.

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