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    Default Quick Strike Acrobat VS. Henshin?

    Both Thief Acrobat and Henshin Mystic have Quick Strike, but their cooldowns are different. Henshin Mystic's Quick Strike has a 20 second cooldown, while Thief Acrobat has a scaling cooldown of 18/15/12 seconds depending on what tier the attack is at. Why should Thief Acrobat be able to use it more often than a Henshin? This seems like an oversight, is it WAI?

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    Sounds like an oversight. For my money the T/A tree is the better staff tree anyway.
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    If I had to pick a thematic reason for it, I'd assume it because turbine wants henshin mystics to be more all rounded, dealing melee damage with the staff, and using their Ki and spell like abilities to gain bonus damage. The Theif acrobat however relies soley on physical damage, and as such has a slightly improved version of a physical damage ability in it's tree.

    It's not too dissimilar to the kensai tree getting 1ap hasteboost whereas the Theif acrobat gets a 2ap hasteboost, the same ability in two seperate trees but with different costs associated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zakan View Post
    Why should Thief Acrobat be able to use it more often than a Henshin? This seems like an oversight, is it WAI?
    Looks mostly like an oversight, but as it happens you can easily work around the problem anyway.

    Since every build that uses Quick Strike needs at least 1 level of Rogue, you can simply take another Rogue level and use that Quick Strike version (and get yourself Haste Boost at the same time).

    PS. The much more important oversight is that Henshin has no tier 1 ability for passive +15% staff speed.

    PPS. I'd be happier with Rogue Quick Strike if instead of lowered cooldown, more clicks gave you longer duration.

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