16 bard, 2 rogue, 2 favored soul.. STR based melee DPS/CC

+4 tomes
Max Str along the way for Overwhelming Critical

Why Strength and not the more obvious DEX or CHA? There is no way you can get your dex or cha anywhere near as high as you can with Strength. With Divine Might, Skaldic Rage from warchanter and a rage pot you'll already be higher than any possible Dex/Cha build. Throw in a Titans grip +6 psionic and it's even more ridiculous.

What does this all give you?
-Insanely high STR with a light pick doing x4, you'll one shot crit everything until high teens+EE and even then they all drop VERY fast.
-nice long buffs/healing
-any scroll in the game
-human benefits, saves/skill boost and heal amps
-Inspire Excellence
-Irresistible Dance
-And a instant kill/stun

Power Attack
Great Cleave
Single Weapon Fighting
Empower Healing
Imp Critical Pierce
OW Crit
Inspire Excellence

11 feats needed, so human required.. sadly no completionist feat and this is my completionist life now

And why Light Picks? Well, they're all 17-20x4 while swashbuckling.. Can't really beat that until epic levels at least. Then I'll switch to a Balizarde..

APs, Coup De Grace and pimp slap. Not sure what the rest of the points will be going into until after the patch today.