will you guys please shut up and take my money already to give us extra inventory/personal bank space?

one of the things that made me quit 2 years ago was the tr cache minigame
and now i've been back for a month and am sick of the tr cache minigame again

tr'ing is the way i play this game and many other people but it seems like a punishment to do so when you have to delete all sorts of rare drops gear just in order to free up space even after you have bought every single inventory/character bank and shared bank slot that there is

not to mention having to post stuff in the AH just to rebuy it after a tr is ridiculous, we should not have to do something like that when we are willing to spend hard earned cash on having more bank slots

last time i checked you guys could do with some extra cash.. so take it and give us what we have been asking for the past 4 years at least

/rant off