Ainmosni the Successor guild to the founding guild Insomnia, has become mostly inactive. Now under new management we seek to recruit active players to help fill our ranks and enjoy our time playing. We are a teaching guild, focusing on helping other learn the game, and learning new content as a group.
Raiding, TRing, questing, Gear grinding. all are part of our dynamic

Long time player tired of the massive guild seen ? or drama from larger guilds? We welcome you to help us educate others on builds and quests and strategy.

Even if your a new player or a returning player coming back from an extended break? We want to help you get started/back in to things learning basic strategy or changes to the game quickly so you can focus on your goals as a players.

We are guild level 78 with ship and some basic buffs and amenities (work in progress).
If you are interested please post Or see my self Alisril in game. We welcome you to a new home with Ainmosni.