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    Default Please fix sustaining song

    I just want to know when sustaining song will be fixed if it will be fixed at all ....

    My favourite class in ddo is the bard class.... and i have no idea how difficult it is to do bug control in a game like ddo ...
    but there has been a known bug with sustaining song .... its single cast instead of group cast ... which wouldn't bother be ... but seeing as the duration on it is not the best ..... and it takes a few seconds just to land it on someone it takes the fun out of playing a bard ... because to me sustaining song is one of the most useful bard songs we have ....and i dont want to spent my entire gameplay experience just refreshing this all the time without doing anything else...
    for over 3months i know this has been bugged and reported it many times ... no feedback ... and even the community can sometimes be disrespectful when trying to talk about it ...
    I would still be playing ddo at this very moment if it wasn't for the fact that one of the spells on my most favourite toon isn't working as it should ....
    I log in every now and then ... about once a month to check if it has had any attention ... and to me it is a disgrace ... because i myself have spent a lot of money in ddo because i wanted to support them for one of the best games i had played in a long time .... which i really enjoy ... but now the game is riddled with bugs which are not getting the attention they rightly deserve and new content is getting spammed out faster than the bugs are getting fixed which in turn create more bugs ....
    So i thought i would post this thread on DDO since i never post ....
    Please fix your bugs ... people are not monkeys .... sooner or later you'll have no more people playing your game if it's so badly broken they cant even play .... the bugs in any game should have top priority and I'm sick of playing bugged games ...
    Bugs also don't bother me if i know they are getting fixed .... i am a patient person ... but if a known bug is still broken after 3months ... then you have to start asking yourself what the heck are the people over there doing with their free time ? :P


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    This is likely going to be fixed with the bard enhancement pass:

    This is actually confirmed to be fixed in the next update:
    Sustaining Song once again affects multiple allies, and now scales with Spell Power.
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    Thank you very much There was no spell i loved using like sustaining song :P .... and being single cast it almost destroyed my gameplay Thank you for the feedback I appreciate it

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