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    Default Knights of Kern are recruiting!

    Greetings adventurers! My name is Sillyturtle. You may remember me from such raid shenanigans as "20 Shrouds in 30 hours. Thank god it's over!" and "The 9 Abbot and 9 Shroud runs in two days! Just give me the Litany already!" debacle.

    Knights of Kern is a level 88 guild with an upstanding reputation here on Khyber. We are a tight knit group of people with a strong sense of family and respect for our fellow players as we go about our daily business of enjoying the things DDO has to offer.

    Some of you may know the founding Guildmaster Longswordd/Earthbrother/Tubes and his son Cale. Unfortunately, Cale no longer plays DDO, but his father is still here. However, due to real life concerns he feels he no longer has the time to put into the game and the guild and has stepped down, giving me the gavel and control of the guild.

    As such, I am seeking to bolster our numbers in an attempt to make our guild the absolute best place to call home. We're in the process of purchasing a Kraken ship, so that would be our immediate goal. Further down the line we'd like to be able to field raids entirely from our pool of guild members. To do that, we need you!

    If you're a player who likes to have fun, respects and treats everyone as you wish to be treated and want to spend time with likeminded people who spend their time TRing and doing all sorts of game content, please contact Sillyturtle or Spacelobster and we can get the ball rolling.

    We don't have any strict rules aside from the common sense stuff that 98% of the guilds employ, and there are no activity requirements aside from logging in once every couple of months. We do like to talk to you before giving you an invite however, as Knights of Kern will never be one of those guilds who simply invite anyone and everyone who isn't in a guild. We have always preferred quality over quantity.

    So with that out of the way I hope to hear from you, and if not, having a rocking time here on DDO.


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    We've picked up some great people in the past recent days and good things are on the horizon!

    I'm going to be upgrading the ship to a Kraken next week at the latest, so we'll soon be absolutely swimming in buffs. I personally can't wait.

    We've been running a lot of raids and have been having some fantastic turnouts - it seems everybody likes to do some stuff that isn't run all the time, like Epic Chrono and Black Abbot. I personally enjoy the reaction of people who have been playing for years telling me they've never had the opportunity to do an Abbot run. So I ran nine in one day! Fun stuff.

    So just keeping this post updated with a bit of recent news and another invitation to drop us a line if you're guildless or not happy with your current situation. We're always looking for great people to join our band of adventurers.

    In the meantime, rock on!

    - Sillyturtle

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