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    Default What about a change?

    Hello. Im a player from Argonessen.
    This is my first post on the forum even tough I've been a reader for quite some time.

    I'd like to discuss a few thing that MAY improve quality of the game and MAYBE even lessen the duping plague that seems to have infected many players. All the things im going to write about are mutually shared by many players that I've met in the game since we feel the same about the direction ddo is taking. Im happy that turbine releases new quests, loot and new mechanics....hooray....yeah, well. It just doesn't work well because with each update new bugs, exploits, glitches and many other things come up and they rarely get solved without butchering the UI. Some people told me that they started duping (im not making names) because they kinda have a grduge against turbine. They like the game and all but when I asked em about why they simply gave me this kind of answer:

    I dupe because farming comm of valor is really a pain. Why leave toon at level 28 just to farm quests that I have already played both alone and in party?
    I dupe because comm of heroism are pratically non existent. * they are actually right about this since citw is a very long quest that seems to NEVER drop comm of heroism and FoT....can't even remember when I last saw the lfm for it
    I dupe beacuse epic items are simply too hard to find. *I don't know how they do that but some epic items are really hellish hard to make compared to other stronger items (Esos vs Skybreaker?)
    I dupe cause turbine doesn't care about fixing bugs, have they ever fixed lag, bugs or anything else? serves em right. *Yes, I've been given this kind of answer too

    Is is that hard to raise the drop rates for comm of heorism and shard/seals/other epic ingredients?
    Personally I've completed over 200 epic von 6 (been farming for it for years) and never found a sos shard. 20 completions in FoT can give u skybreaker. Study in Sable can drop the very good greatsword Hunter's Slayer.
    Citw is a really long quest with crappy exp. Im ok with drop rates of weapons but at least 1 comm should be mandatory as reward.

    How do the devs feel about this? is it viable in the short term or it's something that will be postponed in 2015 at best?

    PS: duping and other stuffs have only been taken into argument but never discussed and I don't really care about em. I just want some feedback on my ideas...

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    One phrase I often heard regarding why they dupe: I feel cheated by intransparency and stealth nerfs. Turbine has too much *don't ask, don't tell* mentality and rarely communicates clear and upfront with their playerbase. They announce changes, which at first look fine but a hidden nerfhammer always comes along.

    Else I can confirm having heard same arguments listed in the OP. Something to think about Turbine.
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