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Thread: Hello Cannith!

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    Default Hello Cannith!

    Greetings one and all! After the card/tome give away I decided to take a little holiday from my home server and drifted up on the shores of Cannith. I blew the dust off of an old toon, pushed the to 11, ate a full set of +3 tomes and a lot of skill tomes. Used a +20 heart of wood and had some fun on these fair shores of yours whilst I ran a toon to cap.

    I would just like to say CANNITH ROCKS!!!

    Have met some realy nice people (only met one nobber). Found everyone welcoming and understanding, if you ever recieved a tell before i hit LFM for your EE saying "I am as squishy as hell and hit like a feather duster", well yup that was me. From running toons that have multiple past lives with unlimited access to gear to running a 28 point (before using heart) with no gear has been fun, you know what you want to do but you dont have the capacity :-) . Thanks to all who have helped/carried/showed understanding. I dont know if I touched lucky what with it being the default server at this time. However I think I was lucky finding a server with genuinely nice people on. Anyhows if anyone remebers helping this old gimp and is ever in need of help when they are on Thelanis dont hesitate to ask, if I am not about ask a guildie and just say I will owe them.


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    We've probably never met but I am glad you had a great time ^^

    I love Cannith.

    Be well.

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    I was running favor when I started and met so many great people I dropped my main toon with 6 months worth of work on him and switched to Cannith. So, hello, welcome and enjoy your stay.
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    Welcome to Cannith! I'm happy to hear people are having a good experience, especially at the lower levels. Enjoy your time here.
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