Hello all,

I am starting a new guild, called Excelsior with about 5 others of my close old friends. We are started this guild as a way to reconnect and have fun. Most of have busy lives and jobs, so we are definitely a casual guild. New players are encouraged and welcome to join, as some of my friends will be completely new to the game. The goal is just to have fun, nobody cares if you die or don't know where the quest is. Eventually we hope to organize a couple raid nights together.

If you like the game, and just don't have anyone to play with, or don't wanna be ridiculed for not having perfect gear or knowledge of quests, this guild is perfect for you. Note we are all in our 30s, so its encouraged that only people around our age ranges or above join. Most of us are on at night eastern time.

My name is Graycyn on Thelanis, hit me up if you are interested.