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    I generally break the streak when going past 20.

    You can find groups for the quests to run EE but the raids are a different matter.

    You spend a lot of time looking for groups and a lot less time running content IMO.

    It does hurt my heart just a bit to break a good streak but w/e - It's just a number.
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    streaks r fine for heroics lke said b4; newer toons need to build fate points to twist,and streak can get in the way farmin destint.If you dont need to farm destinies,keep the record goin.I dont worry about it,always a guildie or friend wants/needs to run smthin streak breakin anyways;or easy flaggin in new life .
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    While I enjoy Elite Once and Done on Heroic at the Epic levels it really is not needed.

    In your case where gear is still Heroic it might be a better idea to spend time collecting some epic gear to replace and better prepare yourself. If the Eveningstar quests are an option collecting the Cleric/Druid/Wizard/Villager/Purple Dragon Knight comms and trading them in for the ML 20 gear they have available, or running the Eveningstar challenges to get random Cormeryan Gear can help better fill your early gear requirements. Next would be to simply enjoy the quests - some for the first time as they don't have heroic (or you didn't get a chance to run them on heroic) and collect the gear from here.

    I know that once I trained myself to see the Streak number as a 5, it was much easier to just let it go and enjoy myself.

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    Thank you for the insightful responses. I actually did a hard VoN5/6 run last night with the intention of breaking my elite streak as I didn't complete VoN6 when I came through heroics. However, I didn't realize we had a level 28 in the party so I happened to keep through dumb luck, but I would assume it's only a matter of time.

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    Personally I only break my streak at 28. The reason really is the XP bonus it help mitigate some of the grinding, however I do like the challenge and most of the people I play with are EE types.

    However that is MY play style.

    The easy and only answer is what you want to do and don't worry about anyone else's opinion. the only gamer's opinion you should EVER listen to is the one inside your own head. ^^

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