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    Default Unbound masters gift?

    I was looking to the asah and i saw this.

    Now the gift is btc.
    I know that if you slot a masters gift in bta item it will stay as bta but this is a btc on e item. Is this wai?

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    Asah "allows" players to sell items that they would not normally be able to sell. Seeing as the item is currently btcoe it is wai.

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    That might have been my one - I wanted to get rid of the collar but didn't want to waste a Jeweller's Toolkit unslotting the Gift.

    Anything BtCoE remains BtCoE when it is slotted. Anything else becomes BtCoA. I don't think this behaviour is intended, but similar inconsistent behaviour occurs when using eldritch rituals on BtA stuff (it stays BtA, and doesn't become BtC), so who knows.

    Not really game breaking though, as The Master's Gift can be quite trivially farmed once per heroic life if you do "one and done"

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