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    Unhappy Questions about Premium account

    1) I am trying to determine where DDO stores my CC info. Is it only on the in game store or can it also be accessed via a website, if so where? I was trying to set a more secure password, but I seem to have only changed my password on the DDO site and not for the game itself, so I am trying to determine all of the locations I need to change my passwords at.

    2)The in games store states that my account is now Premium. However, when I log in and my character comes up it still shows that I am a free player. I am trying to detach money I made from an auction, but the amount is too great for my free account. So I bought some points to try and make it a premium account. Are the character accounts and store accounts separate?

    3) I tried to redeem the coupon code for the free jewel LOOT19, but was told the code was no good.

    I looked through the FAQ but only found an out of date link to the difference between VIP and Premium accounts. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Solved part of the problem

    Figured out the part about the password. will call about the premium vs. VIP

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    Quote Originally Posted by shf9302 View Post
    Figured out the part about the password. will call about the premium vs. VIP
    To answer for the thread: You can access your account information and change your password by visiting For your Premium issue, as you state, get in touch with Account Support, either by phone or through Thanks!
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