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    Default Feedback for precious cargo

    Precious cargo is by far the most interesting and enjoyable quest in the game. There's a ton of stuff to do, there's a lot of interaction, there's a lot of chests. Personally I consider it a close first for most fun quest in the game.

    The pirates stealing our chests... I am still laughing every time I think about it!

    If only it wasn't that damn difficult! Let me explain. The enemy airships' fire... sometimes it's not visible because the marks land higher than what you watch. You expect to see them on the ground, but sometimes due to different levels on the ship they mark the top and you don't see them. They reaction time is too small and they do horrendous amounts of damage. I died aplenty, looking on the ground for marks before realizing that where I was standing (one of the balista) the marks would appear a jump over me

    Twirling chain attacks. Horrible, remove them please. Mainly because a twirling chain on a ship would latch on to something and fail. Pirates use small weapons because of lack of actual room on ships to manuever them. Plus it a super annoying attack. Let only those shadar-I'll-never-buy-the-shadowfail use them please.

    Thank the nine that when you fall off or an enemy ship explodes and you're still in it, you get teleported to the shrine of your own ship. It's a bit exploitable unfortunatelly but thank you for giving us this. I wonder where the ddoor takes you in this quest, I will try as soon as I get the chance.
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    It was not that difficult to handle and I love the quest. The things you bring up are annoyances, but they didn't make or break it for me.

    I wish the quest was a raid instead. Where the first part is getting the treasure to the airship, then transporting it home.

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    I like it as well, in all its confusion.

    Wish repair didn't take so long and there were slightly better indicators on cannon fire.

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    Default The experience....

    Yes, it very quickly made it to my list of top 3 favorite Quests. My only complaint was that I feel the amount of experience you get for it is incredibly bad. Like really, really, really bad! Bad, bad, BAD!... It pains me, because I love the quest so much...

    I think a couple of other E3BC Quests have the same issue.
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    I have ONE complaint about this quest. I was engaged in the ship's store with all the pirates either stoned, frozen, or knocked down, yet they managed to steal a chest. Them's some very resourceful pirates!

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