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    Default Eberron: Enemy Unknown

    I am sure many people will dislike the idea, others will say it is simply not d&d. I am not even sure if I like the idea, but as you know there are no bad ideas when brainstorming

    What about bringing a adventure pack with visitors from outer space i.e. aliens? Imagine:
    guild ships on their usual track recognize unidentified flying objects. wildlife animals go crazy. some quests (some fights, some puzzles), final part destroying mothership (as usual, maybe option to make peace with them). Bringing some extraeberronial artifacts (gear, weapons, nothing overpowered, just nice visuals like repeating blaster/laser crossbows, or some niche CC weapons, like blaster guns with 3 charges/rest of a targetable otto's disco ball). everything is possible.

    maybe too daring idea. or time to play XCOM again. 8)

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    It was fun once back in the day with expedition to the barrier peaks but no desire to see it again

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    There are enough "alien" monsters from Xoriat and Dal Quor in the game already.

    Adding "guns"/blasters would be a mistake, in my opinion.


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    Yeah the problem with that is there is no "outer space" in D&D cosmology, with the exception of the Spelljammer world...but even then, "aliens" are many of the races you're already familiar with like Illithids, and its still magic- and not tech-based. D&D cosmology is more about planes than planets, and of course we already have lots of cross-planar lore in the game.

    Heck, Eberron is about the most 'technologically' advanced setting in D& could argue that the whole Demonweb story arc is an alien invasion, except WE'RE the technologically advanced alien race Runearms aren't that far removed from blaster pistols after all...

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