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    Default Is my Wiz viable?

    I have not played in a very long time. Last time I played, level cap was 10?

    I have a "battle mage". Uses heavy repeating crossbow a lot.
    is this viable?

    Fighter 1 Wiz 6 (ready to level up) Dwarven Male
    str 10
    dex 19
    con 19
    int 18
    wis 10
    cha 6
    97 HP

    28 action points ready to spend


    weapon focus ranged weapons
    Tower shield
    spell save bonus
    simple weapon
    rapid reload
    quicken spell
    point blank shot
    orc and goblin
    medium armor
    poison save
    martial weapon
    magical training
    light armor
    inscribe wiz scroll
    improved heroic durability
    heroic durability
    extend spell
    exotic weapon
    dwarven stonecunning
    swarven stability
    dismiss charm
    defensive fighting
    arcane lore

    +4 repeating heavy crossbow
    +1 repeating heavy crossbow ghost touch enfeebling

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    a wizards spells are already a better dmg option for "ranged attacks" than any kind of xbow.... and you will want something else in your hands that augments your casting. If you just HAVE to shoot repeater xbows..... be an artificer - they cast spells, too.
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    Currently just about any build can become viable (as in it can complete quests). There are some exceptions but even those can be forced to completion.

    Now the actual question you should be looking at is what is my play style and how can I build to accommodate

    Now as a Repeater build there are advantages for some classes.

    Such as Artificer
    1 Level grants you Rapid Reload and Repeater Feats
    2 Gives you the ability to equip a Rune Arm - which even if not firing adds additional DPS as well as options

    Based on this having 2 Artificer levels will not only save on feats but also give you an option to add a Rune Arm for additional benefits

    Also the EK Tree in the Wizard will also allow you a single elemental stance for Acid/fire/cold/lightning which can also be added. However, much of the other tree is melee focus, but the Mage Armor and Shield enhancements can help improve defense.

    Access to the Harper Tree could help by allowing you to use your Intelligence for To-Hit.

    However, you could proceed with Wizard levels and in the end you will only be short the Capstone of the enhancements as well as one Spell Penetration.

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