When Swashbuckling the crit profile on your weapon changes to a 18-20 x3 for all weapons except Light Picks, which are a 19-20 x4. With improved critical this improves to 15-20 x3 / 17-20 x4. These are *really* good crit profiles, and, well, compared to most other enhancement trees really really frick’n strong. And even stronger because you can get it at level 3, while the other major damage improvement enhancements wait until level 12. I’m not going to complain - I think more powerful toon early is a good thing, and Bard is a free to play class means it can be taken by almost anybody. But considering that it is the same crit profile rogues get at 12, that is, um, kinda strong.

D = Total Damage
MD = Damage that is multiplied with a crit
CoH = Chance of a hit; Constant, 0.95 for this calculation.
CoC = Chance of a confirmed Crit; Constant, 0.3*0.95 = 0.285 for this Calculation
CoCOC = Chance of a Confirmed Overwhelming Crit; Constant, 0.095 for this Calculation
Dproc = Damage that is from procs or otherwise not multiplied on a crit.
CM = Critical Multiplier; Constant, 3 for this Calculation
OCM = Overwhelming Critical Multiplier; 4 for this calculation

D = MD*(CoH-CoC)+MD*CM*(CoC-CoCOC)+MD*OCM*(CoCOC)+Dproc
Factor out the MD and get
D = MD*((CoH-CoC)+CM*(CoC-CoCOC)+OCM*(CoCOC))+Dproc
Above is the basic damage calculation. Now plug in the Constants
D = MD*((0.95-0.285)+3*(0.285-.095)+4*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*1.615+Dproc
And without OC we get
D = MD*((0.95-0.285)+3*(0.285-.095)+3*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*1.52+Dproc

1.615 / 1.52 = 1.0625
Thus OC is worth about 6% additional physical damage on normal attacks with the swashbuckling line on non-Light Picks. This is the same as a Longbow on a monkcher who is using LD and earth stance btw, which I find quite interesting.

With picks
With OC
D = MD*((0.95-0.19)+4*(0.19-.095)+5*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*1.615+Dproc
Without OC
D = MD*((0.95-0.19)+4*(0.19-.095)+4*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*1.52+Dproc

This means, disregarding special attacks or things from ED’s, that the crit profile of the weapons in swashbuckler stance are all equivalent, so you can use your favorite weapon or a named weapon with an improved profile as much as you want. I like this, it allows for more flexibility with toons appearance and for better choices as to what to hit bosses with.

OC is worth about 6% damage with these weapons, which means it is worth it on most dps max builds IMO.

With Balizarde,
D = MD*((0.95-0.285)+4*(0.285-.095)+5*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*1.9+Dproc
And without OC we get
D = MD*((0.95-0.285)+4*(0.285-.095)+4*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*1.805+Dproc
1.052, so about 5.2% more physical damage with OC
OC and Divine Crusader
D = MD*((0.95-0.38)+4*(0.38-.095)+5*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*2.185+Dproc
OC and LD
D = MD*((0.95-0.285)+4*(0.285-.095)+6*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*1.995+Dproc

1.9/1.805 = 1.0526; Thus OC is worth about 5% additional damage with Balizarde.

For comparative purposes,
Centered Kensi ESoS, Earth Stance t3 and OC in Divine Crusader(also Seirth for stick builds)
D = MD*((0.95-0.475)+3*(0.475-0.095)+5*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*2.09+Dproc
Centered Kensi Great Axe, Earth Stance t3 and OC in LD(Headman’s chop)
D = MD*((0.95-0.19)+3*(0.19-0.095)+7*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*1.71+Dproc
Fury Monkcher, Earth Stance t3 and OC (Thunderholme, Most bows)
D = MD*((0.95-0.095)+3*(0.095-0.095)+5*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*1.33+Dproc
Fury Monkcher, Earth Stance t3 and OC (Pinion, Unwavering Ardancy)
D = MD*((0.95-0.19)+3*(0.19-0.095)+5*(0.095))+Dproc
D = MD*1.52+Dproc

Thus I am very excited for the upcoming shift in the physical damage meta

Happy questing all!