Greetings and well met fellow adventurers!
Are you tired of random grouping, and failed quests? Epic party slaughters? Fighters that zerg ahead, without care of the traps that kill them, or the massive dog pile of enemies that pounce on top of them? Rogues that skip disarming traps? Are you missing party cohesion? Teamwork? Well I am here to tell you that there is a cure. Reply to this post with information for a new character you created/or will create. Leave the name, class/role, days available, times available (CST). With this information I will send an in game mail to those selected with matching criteria. We will then band together and start from snowy korthos, level 1, and venture forth into the world as a team. Max party size is 6. If there are more, we can form 2 partys...etc... So reply to the thread or send me in game mail to Amarethus.