I am attempting to finish maxing out some destinies. Specifically Exalted Angel, DI, Magister, and Shiradi. My character doing this is a 12/6/2 Bladeforged Kensai Fighter/Monk/Paladin. I began this by Epic Reincarnating to level 20 in order to pick up a martial Epic Past Life Feat, taking me a step closer towards Epic Completionist if I choose to go down that path.

Current State:

I leveled back up to 20 - unable to change anything on my character save feats/skills/enhancements at this point. Quickly picking random skills/feats to expedite this process I am now sitting at Level 20 post ETR.

My goal was to Lesser Reincarnate such that I could end up back at level 20 with the following split: 16 Sorc 2 Monk 2 Paladin and grind out my remaining destinies and then switch back via ETR to my Kensai build.

Here are my options:

1. Spend 4600 Turbine Points for two +5 Lesser Reincarnation Hearts of Wood and one +3 Lesser Reincarnation Heart of wood to move over all 12 levels of Fighter and distribute these into Monk or Paladin classes. At this point I am unable to add in any Sorcerer class levels because of this restriction on Lesser Reincarnation that only allows you to take +X number of levels that are "potential" classes meaning ones you currently have, or if you only have 1 or 2 class levels you are only then allowed to take a new class bringing your total to 3 maximum classes at any given point. I cannot justify spending $30-40 for allowing me to make the 16/2/2 split I want for purely grinding remaining Epic Destinies, which brings me to options 2/3:

2. Spend ~2800 Turbine Points for a +5 and a +1 Heart shifting over my 6 Monk levels to Paladin, and then making use of the +20 Lesser Heart we all got in November/December of last year or whenever that was so create a 18 Sorc 2 Paladin split - not what I wanted.

3. Spend ~1400 Turbine Points for a +3 Heart to shift over my 2 levels of Paladin to Monk. This is the cheapest option and once shifted, I can then use my +20 Lesser Heart to add in my Sorcerer levels and end up with an 18 Sorc 2 Monk split. Without the Paladin levels my reflex save will likely suck and perhaps on EH come in handy once in a great while. Again, not what I want.

I am very frustrated Turbine has crafted this system around Lesser Reincarnation such that you can only have a max of 3 "potential" or existing class levels. I feel as if we have any heart +X you can add in a new class level as long as your final build upon finishing Reincarnation has a max of 3 class levels.

This speaks to a coding issue with the reincarnation system and the inability to place logic in the code to ignore any existing lives and only set the max level of 3 classes when you take your final level of 20.

I would very much appreciate some developer feedback on why this issue exists and if there are plans to remove this restriction. It is incredibly frustrating that my only options are to spend a very large number of Turbine Points and go through the extremely annoying level up process again and again and again just to change some classes around.

It has been a struggle just to figure out how this process works and what these restrictions mean so that I can figure out exactly what my options are. I would love nothing more than to just use my +20 heart and redo my entire class list to end up with the 16/2/2 Sorc/Monk/Paladin split I want rather than Turbine require me to spend a lot of money just to make this happen.

In my years of playing this game since release I have only seen 1 +X heart drop. Ever. They have never appeared in Daily Dice, nor are they even remotely common chest drops. If they were populated more frequently in loot tables that would not be an issue, but I still feel as if this silly 3 level "potential" restriction is silly and needs to be removed.