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    Default Final Greensteel

    So I'm on what will be my final life for a very long time, TRed into an iconic bladeforged(so will have to level to 28 before I can TR again) and I was contemplating making another greensteel weapon to keep me company along the way. However, my character is already at level 16, I haven't got the shards I need, and I don't think I'll be shrouding until I hit 18 or so(still going to shroud as often as possible because - come on - shroud) so I am wondering if at this point it's even really worth throwing on another greensteel weapon.

    Character-wise - its an iconic juggernaut so 2 paladin/2 monk/n bladeforged, I find myself mostly using repeaters(of which I already have 4 greensteel, also using a few others), and switching to an aspect of mineral 2 greataxe when I want to melee. Also occasionally I bust out a bastard sword and tower shield just for fun(I decided it was worth giving up feat slot to get bastard sword proficiency, then I just use master's touch for the tower shield)

    So if I do make another greensteel, it would have to be another axe or a bastard sword. Strongly considering a triple positive bastard sword for the raise-dead clicky, but I've been really enjoying the blinding effect on my aspect of radiance 2 repeating heavy crossbow... so, ya know, decisions.

    I am actually right now going to run off and craft a few blinding flash clickies just to continue blinding dudes.

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    I don't see a huge demand for another greensteel weapon to add to your arsenal. It's a short way from 18 to epics where you'll probably outgrow greensteel pretty quickly.

    If you're looking to spend your ingredients and it has to be a weapon, I'd personally consider:

    - displacement clickies
    - triple positive maul
    - conc opp (for torcing with a shield, not for general use)
    - raise dead clickies (not so high priority if you're already an arty with UMD)
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