Alright.. So after watching DDO stream last nite and seeing the Enhancements for Rune arm's and Int/dex/cha to damage in the swashbuckler tree I of course instantly though OH MAN... IMA MAKE A BARDIE!

What Im curious about is cordavan Kept switching from Ranged damage to Thrown weapons.. so I dont know if some of the enhancements he was calling ranged damage are going to apply to repeaters or if it was strictly for thrown weapons. I didnt catch the last lam server when it was up so i didnt get to play around.
Do any of you have any insight
Or maybe even have already made your own version of a Bardie?

I dont wana sound to dumb cause people go off on the littlest mistake on this forum (yes ddo god, my mistake) But with the enhancement that says If you dont crit it adds a -1 to you Crit die i.e 18-20 Becomes 17-20 and so on till you crit... If this can be applied to a repeater I think We have a deadly combo on our hands...