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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaatan View Post
    Pick your words more carefully then, because i wasn't the only one who took your posts as accusations of cheating.

    What's the point in explaining to you how I did the ToD, if you won't believe anything without a video anyway? Sounds like a massive waste of time to me (not to mention that I'm not the type to give away trade secrets for free) . I can tell you that I'm not sure if what I did there is perfectly WAI, but it wasn't the Thunderforged thing. Hell, I didn't even have enough phlogs to craft a tier 3 at that time. The secret lies in part 1.

    Honestly, anyone putting any achievement up for that raid with a known cheat in it, I discount on the cheat. I mean completing it alone is cool and all, but meh, people will use whatever means when they are below 10% to stay alive.

    Quote Originally Posted by thephantomgod View Post
    This whole thread that you have started just to disprove Shat is absolutely ridiculous. You want to sit here and be the high and mighty one, and the minute someone does something better than you all you know how to do is grief them.

    You sir need to quit being a crybaby over a game every time someone does something better than you. You make a video to show us how easy it is to make it look liked you solo'd something when its truly fake. What makes your screenshots better than his or anyone else?

    Achievements are dead in ddo and the thread itself needs to be closed down. Anything posted will always have the criticism as to what bugs, safespots, and other broken elements of the game were used.

    You know what an achievement is? A wizard, cleric, and barbarian soloing a raid and knowing their roles and working together. Not a bunch of self sufficient toons that even a noob can play running around like a chicken with their heads cut off finishing a raid.
    I think there are plenty of achievements in ddo. And I think it is cool when I see someone's post about how much fun they had trying something that challenged them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaatan View Post
    to you

    The reason you find me posting in your threads is not because I'm singling you out, its because you are posting raid solos. An extremely small portion of our community post raid solos and that happens to be my main interest in this game. To me its a huge shame you almost never post anything but ss in a complete dungeon, infact it frustrates the hell out of me due to the fact this solo raid community is so small and I feel I have no choice but to brush your achievements off as, who knows?. You say you don't want to give up secrets, I cant argue with that. I would like to know what you think would be negetive about teaching people about the game? Even if they come back with what you gave them out out preform you so to speak, that's a good thing right? Because now you get to try and improve yourself to match them, everyone gets better. I find it actually brings the game back to life, so to speak.

    You say that I have discredited all your achievements by posting this thread. Even if every last one of your achievement threads were posted with SS standing at end of completed dungeon. I dont see how I did that. Hell many of my early posts were SS only, I don't feel I've discredited them. Everyone knows theres nothing on the XP report that shows players who entered a dungeon, like if someone comes in on a cleric, buffs and heals only, doesnt die, kill anything or break anything then they wont effect the XP report. This is not some secret knowledge that I've let out of the bag. What I show is the ease in which the XP report and screen UI can be manipulated. Again, something thats been spoken about plenty.

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    The idea of policing the achievement forums to ensure that all claims are "legit" is not something anyone should be spending their time on. Remember to read the How to Use the Achievement Forums section, and remember that proxy questioning an achievement by demanding further proof, or by side-insinuating that someone cheated by asking "legit questions" about whether someone "truly solo'd" something is not going to be tolerated.

    If you don't feel that someone posted a "legit" achievement, great! No need to call them out or post about it. Feel free to ignore the claim and move on with your life.

    These forums are not meant to be a be-all-end-all leaderboard for achievements, and yes, someone can claim anything they want to, and in some cases people can manipulate the way things are displayed to mislead. For instance, I solo'd the Abbot Elite on my level 3 Drow Bard.* Don't worry about it.

    *This never happened.
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    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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