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    Default Why does Turn of the Tide not work on "nosses"

    While it's a NICE ability, it's just NOT that powerful and it has a 6 minute recharge on it. Why doesn't the Fatesinger epic moment work on bosses? Every other big epic destiny whammy does, so why not this one? It's absurd.

    Oh, and why doesn't it work with handwraps? It works with every other type of weapon as far as I can tell but, for some reason, not handwraps. (And don't give me that **** about how 'handwraps aren't a weapon--it says NOTHING about needing a weapon). Did it just never occur to anyone that a monk would ever run in Fatesinger? Kinda silly considering that Draconic Incarnation and Magister are absolute balls for melee toons and we gotta get our Arcane lives SOMEHOW.

    Anyway, harrumph harrumph fix it harrumph. And change the "doesn't work on bosses" thing. Harrumph.

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    It's the bard ED. And bards are not meant to be dps.

    Only the additional sonic and good damage is not working, the rest of the buff/song should work against bosses. But you are right, I don't understand why the sonic and good damage are not working against bosses. If you are in fatesinger you are dealing less damage than beeing in a melee destiny like LD(even without blitzing).
    And most bosses are not going to see two uses of this ability.

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    Agreed. the sonic damage should apply to bosses. And I have nothing nice to say about the game-related intelligence of the person(s) who seem to believe otherwise.
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    You're absolutely right. It should work against bosses. This restriction seems to have put into place before the relative power of some of the other destinies was really known. Allowing the ability to work on bosses would give Fatesinger some much needed appeal.

    I would add that the Fatesinger tree could now use a Dex option along with Strength and Charisma to create a better synergy with the Swashbuckler tree.
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