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    Default Wow...The server is even dead on the forums

    Unless I am looking in the wrong place, this is the first new thread in 6 days. Time for a server merge? Do I heat TAPS?
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    It's all fine.

    We're too busy killing trolls in-game, rather than fighting them here...and losing.
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    The forums kinda died after the "upgrade". Last time I was on the server though it was pretty lively.

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    Default I thought this was a troll thread

    Because Ghallanda is the most populous server by far... The new "design" coupled with the influx of Troll minions multiplied by the fact that you can't neg anyone anymore to the square root of no one cares = lower all around. Ghallanda is still hoppin', just in game, not on here as someone already astutely put it.
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    LFM's are down a bit over the last few weeks. The fact that Ghallanda is no longer the default server for newcomers to the game, combined with a new competitor has brought the pop here down somewhat. However, still not having much trouble finding groups or filling them.
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    MandyB is all over it. Ever since the forum downgrade to WB Genericville, the forum on the whole is squashed. The build threads and server sections: dead as a doornail.
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