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    Default Ordo Draconis recruiting european players

    With the new ships and guild levels coming with next update, our guild Ordo Draconis is planning a merge with our friends Guardiani di Eberron.
    At the same time, we are opening our guild to some european friends, we already have non-italian members and we have english-speaking people on our TS channel as well.

    New ship buffs and amenities are a new goal for guilds, Ordo Draconis already have over 70 millions renown and we plan to run fast towards level 150/200, and above all to re-organize ourselves with our european friends to keep running the new raids with regularity, to make new friends and to improve our ability as DDO players.

    If you are interested in joining our guild, or wish to discuss about guild merges as well, contact us in game or here on the forum.
    Thank you.

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    plz join. we need more paccos.

    ~harold c crumb
    leader of ordo draconis
    the luigi to my mario, ryu

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    So...What's happened to Guardiani?

    Does this mean that Guild's essentially dead now?

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