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    Default New swasbuckler, 8 bard, 6 fighter, 6 rogue 1 hander with buckler

    The new bard swashbuckler is very nice. I created a lvl 8 bard, 6 fighter, 6 rogue. The dps is not shabby, evade, dodge, trap skills. The knockdown skill for the bard is nice, epic destiny with lay to waste also keeps mobs down. With the epic destinies reflex saves from magister to not fail even on a 1, does great with traps. UMD gives decent healing, quick running and invis spell/sneak allows for decent getaway. Cleave, Greater cleave for renewal on legendary dreadnaught skills. Not much sp, going to have to see about that, just enough to drop some quick displacements and hastes and get a good bit out of the swashbuckler tier and skaldic rage. Fun build, enjoy the new 1 handed with buckler, does a decent job with on hit effects to mobs. Great new build, very versatile.

    Fancy footwork, is ... beyond awesome, 20 % knockdown if they miss you, about 100 ac+ 16% dodge, lots of enemies fall down, no save(?).
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    Would highly recommend dropping the 6 rogue to 2 rogue and getting 12 bard for better spells or 8 fighter for weapon specializations. The 4 rogue levels just don't add up to nearly as high as bonuses/benefits as you can get with more Bard or Fighter levels.
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