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    Default Recruitment Announcement for Legion of Xen’drik on Thelanis.

    Legion of Xen’drik (LOX) are opening their doors on recruitment and looking to add a few new faces.

    For those that don’t know our guild, here is some info on us.

    We are a guild that’s over 7 years old.

    We have many beta/early start up people within the guild.

    We are currently 20-25 active (play daily) in size, aging from 18-50 apx.

    Here is breakdown of hours we are active (times are UK/GMT):
    4am-10am – 20%-40% active
    10am-6pm – 33%-66% active
    6pm-11pm – 50%-100% active
    11pm-4am - 20%-40% active

    We raid regular from guild announcements (normally 24-72 hour cycles).

    We are mainly English speaking and typing guild.

    We value your personality first and kit second. Of course, we want all our guildies to have all end game gear so you can enjoy high end gaming more. Most of us have these items/kit/TR Completionist’s , but we are happy to help new recruits farm quests for wanted items etc.

    To be clear, we want people who have a personality and want to be part of a team in a friendly environment.

    LOX only has one guild rule. All your toons on Thelanis, must come into the guild at the start of your trial period (only bank or storage toons can be left out).

    Our recruitment starts with:
    You being nominated and your characters names going on message of the day for 3 days (apx).
    Then you’ll start a 4 week trial (apx). So we can chat, group and quest together and you can see if we are what you’re looking for in a guild.
    After 4 weeks (and your invited to be an equal amongst our guild). You will be asked to pick a main character and he/she will become an officer with a say on guild activity and issues.
    In short, you will become an equal.

    If you’re interested, please either send me a private mail here or ingame on one of my mains (Forestfly or Banff) or to my 2nd in command Karamel. Failing that, please speak to any LOX member and ask them if there is an officer online at that moment, so you can discuss your possible recruitment.

    Happy to discuss or answer any questions you might have.

    Thanks for looking,

    Forestfly (Guild Leader of Legion of Xen’drik
    Karamel (2nd in Command of Legion of Xen’drik

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    Although we have recruited a few players over the last 2-3 months, we are still looking to add more

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