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    Those who stalk the shard exchange daily as I do, probably noticed that THE boots is on a 70% discount now. It's the long time lowest for that precious piece of loot, that collects dust there ever since I came back from my break (so at the very least for a month). I'd say it's a big step forward from the seller to open up the market!

    Seriously who tries so persistently to rip off someone with that junk?

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    You got me excited when you said it was available for a 70% discount. I was upset to see that it was only a 30% discount. It's still a steal, but not as much as 900 shards would have been.

    I either have an exact pair like that sitting on an alt, or that's a pair I pulled and sold for 50-100 shards.
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    Seems totally legit.
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