Bunch of junk I found while going though an alt account's bank.
Anything is up for grabs, Ask, make an offer is it's a decent item.

I might just vendor/AH trash some of this stuff, but I'll hang on to it for about a week.
Send a PM and hope I remember to check :P

ML28 Cloack (Charisma +10 Accuracy +10)
ML26 Gloves (Health +8 False Life +40)

Arcing Sky (EE)
Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (EE)

Mountain's Fist (EH)
Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (EH)
Silver Ingot Arcanum (EH)
Copper Ingot Arcanum (EH)
Giantcraft Compass (EH) x2
Mantle of the Dragonfriend (EH) X 4
Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (EH)
Gloves of Forgotten Craft (EH)

Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone
Craftable Warhammer Adamantine + Red Augment
Craftable Silver Greateaxe

Alchemical Morningstar
Alchemical Great Crossbow

Wizard's Ward (EN)[impulse 180]
Neather Grasps (EN)
Threads of Falling Shadow (EN)

Lesser Convalescent Bracers of Sustenance +15

Archaic Device x2
Sacrificial Dagger
Blade of the High Priestess
Drowsmoke Googles x2
Stone Heart (str +8)

Neather Grasp (E)
Wall of Wood (N)
Ring of the Djin (N)