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    Hi, need a couple items, have some for trades, read on!

    Have the following:

    EE Gloves of Master Illusionist
    EE Skullduggery Kit with 10 seeker
    EE Frostbite Blade (scimitar)
    EE First Blood (bastard sword)
    EE Goatskin Boots +8 STR
    EE and EH Consuming Darkness
    EE Belt of Seven Ideals
    EE Ghost Waking Cloak
    EE Daggertooth's Belt
    EH Intricate Field Optics +3 INT
    EE Surefooted Boots
    EE Helm of the White Dragon +8 CON and +8 DEX
    EE Helm of the Blue Dragon +8 INT
    EE Helm of the Black Dragon +8 DEX

    Meteoric Star Ruby
    +2 str +5 ECM dun robarrr
    Planar Gird
    Royal Guard Mask
    Spell Storing Ring
    Devotion 108 Large Guild Slot Ring of Intimidation +15
    Large Guild Slot Ring, Boots, Belt
    alchemical blanks: greataxe, greatsword, handwraps, scimitar, quarterstaff, kamas, kukri, throwers
    2x cards 9, 1x card 10, around 30 common cards
    various ingredients (scrolls, scales, cells and what have you) from all contents old & new

    Wants in order of importance:

    hearts of wood
    Augments: 138 spell power elec/ice/sonic/fire/recon/devo, +13/15 repair/heal/spellcraft/perform
    10 CON/10 STR Belt of Seeking 10 (or better)
    Deadly 10 Ring of Resistance 10 (or better)
    10 CON Ring of Dodge 10 (or better)
    11 INT whatever of Resistance 10
    +5 tome upgrades
    TP, xp stones, shard offers

    I surely forgot about something so there will be updates, thanks for looking!
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