I'm getting near 5K favor on 2 toons, and really want to get them over the top.

A kink in my plans are the Cannith challenges. I know them all pretty well, but mainly from the angle of completing, or perhaps shards/min. I'm OK at going for stars (well, not that good at Kobold Island), but many of them require (or at least favor) multiple people.

On rare occasion I've seen LFMs for people looking to do this, and sometimes have even had the time to join. But 2 people is still less than ideal (and once we had a run where a third person not following the instructions destroyed our chance).

So... I figured I'd toss this out to the community. Any one else looking to get Cannith favor? Toss me PM, reply here, whatever.

I'm not sure how we'll handle scheduling, but I figure I'll worry about that after gauging interest. Ideally, something like "every tuesday at 8pm central".... but occasionally scheduled evenings here, or just a pack of folks I toss in my friends list might also work.