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Thread: LFM Tags

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    Quote Originally Posted by DakFrost View Post
    "Elite - IP" seems to be conveying what I'm generally doing. I don't think having to put "#byoh#zerg#BB#p2p#?/?#IP" would be any more clear. Plus, if I see anyone using "#" in their LFM I'm going to assume they are a child and I will be avoiding their LFM.
    #byoh#zerg#BB#p2p#?/? looks close enough to #!#%#%(^ for me to think they are just cartoon cussing.

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    I usually put up a few LFMs each play session; I'll give it a go and see how it works
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    Pfft amateurs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amundir View Post
    [*]#ftl - Follow The Leader; leader sets pace
    Faster than Light ?

    EDIT : Oh man, didn't notice this is New Player Advice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient View Post
    #byoh#zerg#BB#p2p#?/? looks close enough to #!#%#%(^ for me to think they are just cartoon cussing.
    Exactly...way too complex of a system to cover what two simple words will convey.

    I'll stick with "Elite - IP". Only a modicum of intelligence is needed to reason out what is implied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sk3l3t0r View Post
    What no "All Welcome" ???

    That is one of the first things I post in my LFMs. I put up the LFM and begin (No need to put IP, the LFM will clearly state the quest is in progress)

    My LFM usualy looks like this:

    Sanctuary Chain - All Welcome

    LoD - All Welcome - Zerg, keep up if you can

    Vale s / e / r - All Welcome, divide and conquer
    I absolutely love the "All Welcome" tag. I'll choose an all welcome over a "know it" any day. Couple weeks ago, joined an All Welcome LFM with my healer and threw out about (literally) 40 to 50 rezes to get through the mine fields, but we had a blast guiding some less experienced players through some Lordsmarch quests. Had a lot of fun, and made a friend or two. "Know it"s, I'll join for favor, but only grudingly.
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