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    Default another crashing problem i didn't find on forum yet

    Well there is something very strange going on with DDO on my PC.
    The next things i'm going to say only happens the first time i launch DDO after PC startup:
    *during startup from DDO (account loading) the game gets stuck but after some time it gets back fine but without being able to connect to the servers
    *after a second startup from DDO, the startup goes well, but after approximately 5minutes the game just closes itself (without crash report or anything, just like it's minimizing, but it's gone afterward)
    *when i start up a third time, the game goes well

    cus this only happens the first time after PC startup i still can play decently but it's wasting my time and it starts irritating me
    this is all happening since i have windows 8.1 (yes i already re-installed .NET framework 1.1)
    PC specs:
    *intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM CPU@2.20GHz (->built in intel HD Graphics 4000)
    RAM 6.00GB

    already thanks
    greetings powerclan
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    I would look for preloaders and see if they would help. Does your laptop have a ssd hard drive? Because no one sticks with an intel gpu on a desktop.

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