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    A new client, iterations, and files does not mean maintenance on Turbine's end it means they are applying fixes they do not want made public so we will find out exactly what they did by logging in and playing.

    Because of the length of time and lack of communication (surprise!!) I would agree with the above posters in that this is likely a hot fix dealing with existing exploits.
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    Sagas are currently disabled.

    For more information, check

    I get this whenever I click a saga questgiver. I see no further information on

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    Quote Originally Posted by danotmano1998 View Post
    There's maintenance, and there's updates.
    To my eyes, outright falsehoods are uncharitable and rude.
    A simple "We're fixing some system issues and some exploits with this maintenance" would have covered it nicely.
    I understand what you mean, but I think that the phrase you suggest above is pretty much what I would assume of maintenance, where the number of system issues is 0 or more, and the number of exploits is 0 or more. I suppose there's no harm in making their descriptions more precise, if people interpret lack of said precision as deliberately misleading.

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    Anyone else having issues with the patch ? I can't seem to log in. I get 33% then failed server connections. I've tried disabling the firewall, still no joy.

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    I really hate this recent communication. Don't call it maintenance if it's clearly patching something!

    Of course we don't expect you to explain exploits to us, but there's no harm in mentioning one was fixed instead of lying on the purpose of the downtime...
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    Were sagas turned off as part of this patch or were they turned off after the patch because it was noticed that something in the patch broke sagas in some way?

    Any word on when we can have them back?
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