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    1-pets system for rangers and paladins...and familiars for sorceres!
    2-One quest with party vs party(I'm sick of the stupid IA npcs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Produktion_Malphunktion View Post
    Bug fixes- we do this all the time. I’ll ask as usual for specific nitpicks and someone will respond with ‘fix the bug reporting tool’ and no one will then post a bug that annoys them.
    Lag fixes- 2 big ones in U22
    Epic 3bC is on the way. Raid…no but…mmmphhaaauummph!
    Exploit fixes –yep
    Ship buffs- Stay tuned real soon for info on this.
    More quests like Haunted Halls- I so agree. Who knows what the future will bring..but I hope it brings Barrier Peaks. Pew Pew Pew! (I keep being told no pew pew pew...)
    Survey of what should be Epified has happened.
    Gnomes- Gnomatter what you think Gnomes are not in the near future. Gno way.
    Make insert melee class here worthwhile. Working on it.
    Silverymoon. – Nope. There is enough to keep us busy in the area of Cormyr.
    Teleport to the FR from a guild ship-Teleport spells do not work across dimensions. Sorry.
    Yes, Kraken raid does sound pretty cool…
    Psionics- Mystra says no. So does Malphunktion.
    funny I can teleport across dimensions just fine, of course it only works from FR to Eberron. But that's simply because the only destinations for the teleport spell are in Ebberon. the spell works just fine.
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    Default those portals were active with the events

    Quote Originally Posted by fool101 View Post
    Honestly, I think adding a teleporter between EB to FR (if VIP or purchased via points, as it is now) in the Hall of Heroes would make a lot of sense and finally give a person a reason to go in there. Maybe even have a guildship access point in the building.

    BTW, I noticed in the upstairs of the Hall of Heroes (Eberron) there were three inactive portals. One with a pumpkin, one with a pirate flag, and one with a white/blueish circle (winter games?). Has there been any official word on how these three presumably event portals will be used?
    For your information, those portals worked when the events were on. In Eberron they would take you to the risia ice games, to Mabar and in FR I used it to get directly to the guy where you start the skating game too.

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    Default Teleport between Eberron and FR

    Wasn't there some kind of issue with WOTC not wanting to allow Turbine to do direct teleporting between FR and Eberron, and even the Key being something WOTC would not be completely fine with?
    I am pretty sure that was mentioned from even halfway official sources the last time we discussed this (was it on LAM with the testing for U19?).

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    Fix Ninja Master expanded crit range for shuriken.
    Shuricannon 2.0 Drow 20 Monk Thrower for DPS, Nethercannon Shadar-Kai 15 Pal/3 Monk/2 Rog Thrower for Past Lifes
    Shiradi Shuricannon Drow 20 Monk Thrower for Defense, Shiradi Warcannon Warforged 11 Wiz/6 Monk/3 Rog Thrower...Throwers for the win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimlock View Post
    1. Nerf monkchers.

    2. Raid with boss teleportation ability like Harry and VoD chains. Effect pulls everyone close together who is too far out. Bonus if boss reflects projectiles/thrown weapons/arrows back at the player making them take the damage instead for set periods of time.

    3. Reworked capstones for enhancements. Include Evasion as an option for select classes.

    4. More Turn Undead items in the game.

    5. More Temple of Deathwyrm / Fire on Thunder Peak raid items.

    6. Make AC mean something again.

    7. Stop coming out with Eberron content. Forgotten Realms is the future of this game not reinventing the wheel over and over again.

    8. Tell the developers they will be terminated if there is a solo completion on any future raid that is not linked to a bug, exploit, or "safe spot".

    9. Make it worthwhile to play Barbarians, Paladins, and Bards.

    10. Force us, the players, to remember this is not a solo mmo game but one rather designed to work as a team. Stop rewarding and letting us solo content and be anti-social. Kill our characters without mercy for trying to solo future EE content. If there is a post in the achievement thread about a future solo EE completion the day or week of release find that developer and sacrifice him to Odin via Blood Eagle.

    11. Make the Completionist and Epic Completionist feats better. The amount of gameplay, time, and effort to get these should be better rewarded. Example - Heroic Completionist - +4 to all stats, saves and skills. Epic Completionist - Divine Salient ability choice from a static list that is powerful, yet not game breaking. Source:

    12. Do your best to keep lag to a minimum. I have a strong IT background and understand system limitations. Some of this can be helped. Some of it cannot.

    13. Draft a project to create a large city in Forogotten Realms between Evengstar and Waterdeep. Perhaps Silverymoon (Source: Scope will be to framework the outline of the last major expansion with level 30. Once the city is created development team can move Eberron quests, or design new quests that allow players to level up starting at 1 up to 28 in said city. Random quests by level can be developed and rolled out in level ranges based on the expansion.

    14. Teleport from guild ship to Eveningstar/future Faerun city.

    15. You need an update 22 before you can get to 23. Update 22 should contain nerfs for monkchers and perhaps a few of the above suggestions.

    16. *EDIT* Give us Cleric Domain access

    17. *EDIT* Allow us to play evil characters with additional dialogue options based on our evil alignment.
    1. No. Ranged is bad enough as is, monkchers are the closest thing to halfway decent it gets.

    2. No. Harry also lagbombs you and stop melees from attacking and casters from casting. Oh, right, you want nothing but nannybots and barbs playing, I get it.

    3. Hey, look at that. You had to make a decent point eventually, I guess.

    4. Why? Clerics never spec for turning, it takes too many ability points from better stuff. Even if it was possible for them to Turn high-level undead, they probably wouldn't put too many AP into it or gear heavily, since there's just not enough to justify it.

    5. Haven't got this pack. Can't say if this is god or bad.

    6. Hey, it's almost as though you're making an intelligent suggestion. You should probably make up for it with the next suggestion.

    7. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. The cardinal sin of modern fantasy is retreading the same ground that Tolkien did. There's just so many things that can be done with fantasy, but almost nobody ever bothers doing them. Eberron is one of my favorite things about DDO. Even though it's based on the D&D ruleset and takes notes from Tolkien by extension, the magicpunk setting tries to differentiate itself from all the other Tolkeinesque fantasy worlds. Sure, the Realms look beautiful, but graphics aren't everything. The setting of Eberron is far superior to the Realms, or any other variant of lawyer-friendly Middle Earth.

    8.It's an RPG. The more variables you have, the more likely it is that somebody will find a way to combine them to snap the game balance. Unless you want to eliminate all variety in the game, there can and always will be ways to mess with game balance.

    9. Barbs don't seem all that different from pre-U19. Paladins only need +threat to be more useful. Bards rock for CC, have great party buffs, and are getting a nice-looking PrE coming up. These are all minor tweaks, and they're all very playable for 18-20 levels.

    10. Rewarding? You mean being able to scrape completion? Heroic Elite is working very well already, and most players can't even think of trying EE. Very, very few players have the ability to solo EE anything.

    11. Do you think that by including a reasonable suggestion every once in a while, that it will make your other points seem more reasonable? Because it doesn't.

    12. You obviously have no background in CS. DDO has become an undocumented mess of spaghetti code. Limits that were previously intended to be unchanging (and thus hardcoded) have been modified two or three times now. Code has become very de-optimised, in part because of this and in part because of deadlines leading to poor practices. A good portion of the bugs just can't be fixed unless the whole back-end is recoded. At this point in DDOs lifecycle, that just won't happen. It'll take way too long and cost far too much for the executives to approve it.

    13. No. Focus on Eberron.

    14. Again, not terrible.

    15. Again, ranged is still a poor option compared to melee.

    16. We got something similar with the cleric/paladin bonus feats. This is probably the best we're going to get. Count your blessings, we could have been shafted on those to make Soul look even more comparatively attractive. Money monkeys have to approve everything, and the monkeys don't often approve things that will give them less money.

    17. What does this do? It screws up a lot of quest storylines (Running with the Devils, for one) to give you a mostly flavor benefit. You won't need a UMD check for Unholy, but almost nothing you fight is going to be Good or have DR/Good anyways. Alignment is already mostly cosmetic, and if you were here for the RP and storyline, Evil PCs would mess up too much.

    Verdict? TROLL HARDER.

    Can we get neg rep back, please?

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    more free to play raids, specifically at lower levels.
    misery peak would be a great low level free to play raid, the level is already setup, just need to alter it and add actual raid items.

    fix bard please, the CC is still there, but its healing abilities have been destroyed, spell song is virtually worthless as is, and the caper song ( dance song, cant remember what its called ) may as well not even be used anymore, due to its 'casting time' after the new enhancements.

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    I still wish for a bug free and (bannable word) free gaming experience in DDO. But alas, this will not happen, even with U2212.2 so I will keep with "if wishes are fishes get yourself one catch".

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    Default My wish

    1) clean up all old useless strings in code to free up memory and secures servers. This will improve all the game play, remove most of the lag issues, helps prevent dupes and adds a tracking base for cheaters.

    2) new classes and races: warlock, dusk blades would be nice as classes, tiefling, gnomes, and kobald could be cool too.

    3) make vip the way was in the beginning. all content, races, and class included.

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