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    Default Fire Damage Vulnerability?


    Level 28 Half-Elf

    Wearing only the red prismatic cloak my toon gets 10K percent vulnerability to fire damage. I read it but I don't understand what I am reading. The red prismatic cloak should grant 30% fire absorption to my toon and 250 spell points. I see and get the +250 SP but I don't understand the +10,070%. So someone please explain to me the info below. Is that a good number or a bad number? I do read the word benefit. Why is this number so high? Also why do I still get burn by fire? Lastly is there a formula for how this number is calculated, if so please share it.

    (Effects): You benefit from your Prismatic Cloak, Red.
    (Effects): --- Enhancement modifier to Fire Damage Vulnerability: +10,070%
    (Effects): You benefit from your Prismatic Cloak, Red.
    (Effects): --- Enhancement modifier to Maximum Spell Points: +250

    Thanks for any helpful answers.

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    It's just badly "worded".

    Let's say you would take 1000 fire damage without any absorb.
    You have for example Fire shield ( 50% absorb) from Cloak of Ice, Fire Sheath from Draconic or scroll, Cormyrian red armour ( 20% ) and Cannith crafted fire absorb ( 33 % ) on trinket maybe.
    1000 gets reduced by highest absorb by half to 500.
    500 gets reduced by 33 % to 335.
    Lastly that 335 by 20 % from armour to 268 dmg.

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    Hi Encair, thanks for the response about how stacking elemental absorption (fire in this case) works. Being that the effect is badly worded, then everyone wearing fire absorption gear is getting +10,0?? fire damage vulnerability. Is that right, are all toons getting that high of a number? Please keep in mind that I am not talking about damage taken from fire. I am referring to the blue text which shows your toon's current effects in the general chat window when the item is equipped.

    Since stacking elemental absorption has been brought up, I would like to know if it is bugged. When my toon wears a 20% and a 30% fire absorb item, the chat window informs me that the two items will not stack. While taking fire damage the combat chat window only shows the saves for the lowest percent gear. I read online that stacking elemental absorption works because some guy and his friend tested it the pvp area. So it works but both the combat chat and the general chat are giving buggy data???

    My toon's effects copied from the general chat window
    (Effects): You have multiple effects granting an Enhancement bonus to Fire Damage Vulnerability that do not stack. ( Firebreak and Prismatic Cloak, Red )
    (Effects): --- Enhancement modifier to Fire Damage Vulnerability: +10,080%

    Firebreak = 20% fire absorb
    Prismatic Cloak, Red - 30% fire absorb

    While I understand that the numbers calculate in succession, the effects data indicates the two items won't stack. The same with the combat data, where only the item with the lower number will give feedback. Sooo ... buggy feedback!

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