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    Arrow Templars Of The Gianthold Is Recruiting!

    We are once again Recruiting! F2P & P2P

    As the guild grows larger. we are 37-level guild with community that doesn't leave hole in your pockets.
    You DON'T have to be part of our Steam clan to join.

    About us. (Good)+

    + Everyone is Welcome
    + Guild members Average-Age 26
    + We are sociable and friendly and have a mix of casual and hardcore players.
    + We are willing to help any member to go thru the most difficult times in game. (why not in real life as well)
    + We are usually active around 2-12pm Europe time time (UTC +2:00).
    + We prefer players in the same time zone to join us in questing or raiding.
    + We have airship with many great buffs(see your self).
    + We have veterans from 2006. Telling stories from the good old days to the new members =)
    + Most of us uses Microphone but it's not required.
    (we can also use different softwares like skype,mumble,teamspeak,etc. if team favors them more than the D&D voice chat system)
    + Upcoming Raids/Events in Steam Group: 4US Clan

    About us. (Const) -

    - We are still a bit small (less than active 30 members, but still Great community!)

    (Up Coming)

    - Crafting Halls for the ship

    Drop me a note here/comment below or pst/mail me in-game if you wish to join us.
    You can also find me in steam: htp20000

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