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    Default WAI? (eHelm of the ___ Dragon)

    So, I was perusing the ASAH and noticed a few black and blue EE helms with purple slots in addition to the two other, expected slots. I'm not sure if they actually had the slots because they weren't filled and because I don't have the AS to buy them, but is this a display error or a stealth buff? Or... perhaps an unintended stealth buff.

    One: EE Helm of the Black Dragon; Dex +8; Green Slot-Armored Agility +2; Empty Yellow; Empty Purple; Draconic Ferocity.
    Another: EE Helm of the Blue Dragon; Int +3; Green Slot-Good Luck +2; Empty Yellow; Empty Purple; Draconic Mind.

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    I can't find the previous thread, but if i remember it's a display bug..

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    Slotting and removing some augments can cause this grafic bug. The helm only has the normal slots useable.

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